Monday, August 29, 2016

The Time Is Out of Joint (O Cursed Spite!): An Update

Friends and poets, Jane and I want to give you an update on the anthology. As you know, what we have in mind is more than a simple anthology or collection of poems. Now that we have made our selections, we are working to organize the poems thematically and to put together the tools that would make this book suitable, useful, and enjoyable for book clubs who normally discuss novels.

Most of you know, too, that since I've moved to Nashville, much of our work is being conducted by phone. (Picture both of us with phones tucked between shoulder and ear as we are clicking away on our respective keyboards.)

We have every intention of making this the best possible publication. We want to get it ready for print as soon as we can, but we aren't willing to sacrifice our goals for the quality of the project.

Meanwhile, we hope you will keep writing great poems. We'd love to see this one become so successful that a second volume would be necessary.

Warmest regards,


  1. Thanks for the update - though I know it is a month old! I was wondering. Thank you both for your dedication!

  2. Best of luck. It's an exciting project that should win over many fiction readers to poetry.

  3. Hi gals! Any news? Any way we can help? No pressure at all ... just checking in.

  4. Like Marie, just checking in to see if this is still a go. No pressure, just going back through some loose ends here. Thanks.

  5. Yes, any update would be appreciated.
    Best wishes.