Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thanks for the Narratives!

Jane's been trying to post since the deadline passed to no avail. Here's what she wanted to share:

Now that submissions have closed for The Well-Versed Reader, the fun for Nancy and me really begins.  We would like to thank all of the wonderful poets from twenty-five states and seven countries who sent their narratives for consideration.  We heard from one hundred and twelve poets, so we have now well over three hundred poems to winnow for the book.  That will take us a bit of time, so hang tight.  We will contact you before summer. 

As proof of the power of poets to move poets, I’d like to share that North Carolina had the largest number of submitters, perhaps because Nancy and I used the North Carolina Writers Network and NC Poetry Society to get the word out.  Thanks to those organizations and their generous writers for helping spread the word. 

The second largest number of submissions came from Texas. Why? Two words:  Laurie Kolp.  Our friend with whom we write at Poetic Asides, Robert Brewer’s poetry blog at Writers Digest, used her position as president of her state’s poetry society to encourage her local poets to submit. 

While we are about thanking people, Robert Brewer cannot be overlooked.  A number of poets who submitted reported seeing our Call for Submissions mentioned on Robert’s blog, Poetic Asides, the hometown of poets from all over the world.  Robert does more than most to cultivate a friendly place for poets to meet, read one another, and comment, a task over and above his actual job at WD. He offers weekly Wednesday prompts and both an April Poem-a-Day Challenge and a November Chapbook Challenge.  That’s right.  Those efforts are extras for him, as he labors on the yearly Poet’s Market.  Nancy and I are so very appreciative of the way he introduces poets to publishers and places where they can learn, grow, make friends from near and far, and find themselves and their readership. 

So now the work begins.  No need to nudge us for results.  We will not hold out on you fabulous poets.  As soon as the results are final, we will be emailing participants.  Thank you all for your support of what we believe to be a darned interesting project.  Write on, friends!


  1. I am delighted for you both and delighted to be part of this process ... All the best to you both <3 <3

  2. Thank you for this fabulous opportunity. I don't envy your job, but what a great "problem" to have. I'm honored to have my works among the many and wish you success in your book!

  3. Hello ladies,

    Do you have an update on the editing and publishing? Tks.